QSAT Smart City Solutions

A Uniquely Sophisticated Quantum Mesh IoT Architecture
Transformational New Infrastructure!

QSAT™ ubiquitous space-based blockchain communications with built-in resilience, quantum communications, quantum security. QSAT™ satellite technology will play a critical role in the development of Smart Cities and the IoT sector to realize the full potential of interconnected devices.

QSAT™ Blockchain Satellite technology with terrestrial quantum mesh network for secure and robust IoT. QSAT™ services are necessary for proper implementation of of smart cities, autonomous cars, M2M and IoT.

Smart City Quantum Communications

QSAT™ building ground and space-based Qubit Mesh Networks™ for distributed applications, IoT, M2M, Internet, communications, and other services, bringing Global decentralized access for all. QUBIT Blockchain™ technology features autonomous data collecting, computing, applications, and storage, QUBIT Blockchain™ node for direct QSAT™ data processing, secure data storage with Stealth Grid’s™ quantum cryptographic technologies. 

QSAT™ Blockchain Satellite quantum secure connectivity for reliable IoT and M2M communications, no matter how remote. QSAT™ global satellite IoT platform dedicated to M2M, enabling the quantum mesh network and AI cyber security. QSAT’s™ ubiquitous coverage for terrestrial and orbital quantum mesh network .


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