QSAT™ Nano Satellites™  

QSAT Multi-Purpose Nano-Satellite Bus

QSAT™ 26U/16U/12U CubSat 

QSAT™ satellite bus is based on a modular and highly integral design. It delivers comprehensive payload volume.  QSAT™ satellite bus concentrates on the most critical mission goals and high-level mission implementation task. Likes payload development, integration, and support during the mission in orbit. The bus's configuration is optimized for Data Storage, Fintech, blockchain, communications, Internet, mobile, QKD, Quantum Computing, Quantum teleportation. IoT, M2M, and other commercial and emergency communication applications as well as scientific missions. Also, configuration for Earth Observation (EO). 

QSAT™ QG26 bus is a propulsion system capable of performing high-impulse maneuvers such as orbital deployment, orbit maintenance, precision flight in formations, orbit synchronization, and atmospheric drag compensation. It results in extended satellite orbital lifetime and significant savings on constellation maintenance costs.

New generation nano-satellite bus dedicated to Quantum Generation® space-based businesses configured for diverse applications.  

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