QG™ (Quantum Generation™) Blockchain Phone. QSAT™ and StealthCrypto Quantum Mesh Network™ will scale and balance data transmission and dynamicaly switch between ground and orbital nodes or P2P for a autonomous incentevized communication platform.  The QSAT™ Mesh network access will not be necessary at all times.nodes 

  • The Quantum Mesh Network™ will increase speed and efficiency, and create ad hoc networks with proprietary Multi Hop routing without requiring a central access point;
  • Stealth Grid™ quantum cryptographers are designing hardware and software for our STEALTHCRYPTO® Phone, QPhone,IoT, Storage, Quantum Computing, QUBITFI™ ground devices.
  • Provide global access to digital currency with autonomous quantum secure Internet infrastructure.

QG (Quantum Generation) Blockchain Phone for the ground and orbital quantum mesh network communications. Aways connected anywhere in the world. 

QPhone™ blockchain mobile devices provide privacy anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi or data and QSAT™ ecosystem. Decentralize mobile communication with technologies that enable smart phones to communicate without relying on centralized infrastructures using our decentralized Quantum Mesh Network™ Phones feature a built-in privacy control center giving users full control of access and functions of their phone.

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