QG™ Combining The Speed Of Fiber With Ubiquity Of QSAT™ Blockchain Satellites

QG™ is the future for wireless backhaul solution for 5G global distribution, using orbital and terrestrial QUBIT™ Mesh network. Unlike other wireless backhaul solutions, QG forms multiple dynamic seamless switching from orbital to ground node-to-node (Multi-N2N) incentivized blockchain connections. QG quantum multi-hop communication model with quantum routing protocol and multi-hop teleportation for QG wireless mesh backbone networks. QUBIT™ mobile ad-hoc satellite and ground wireless mesh networking  using blockchain-based access verification protocol and quantum Key Distribution (QKG).

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Partners can use QG™ to rincrease capacity to their networks including urban areas. QG™ provides a decentralozed quantum mesh network with blockchain incentives for participation in the QSAT ecosystem. Establishing the  QG™ satellite blockchain protocol for a secure robost autonomous quantum mesh topology. 

QSAT™ (QubitSat)
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