Innovative Quantum Communication Technology

QSAT™ Blockchain Satellite technology with terrestrial quantum mesh network for secure and robust IoT. QSAT™ services are necessary for proper implementation of of smart cities, autonomous cars, M2M and IoT. With more than 20 billion connected “things” expected to be in use throughout the world by 2020,2 combined with new technologies that generate low cost-per-bit connectivity, QSAT™ is redefining the solutions it can provide to address the largest communications requirement our world has ever known.

QSAT™ Blockchain Satellite is a critical component for IoT devices to remain connected regardless of what corner of the globe your located. WiFi, Bluetooth, and wireless connections provide will be ubiquitous. Industries will continue rely on QSAT™ secure terrestrial wireless services, IoT and M2M industries, consumer and enterprise broadband services with 1.5 times faster that fiber speeds and lower latencies. With QSAT™ backhaul technologies for 5G and incorporated with the quantum mesh network creating N2N orbital and terrestrial “QG™” Quantum Generation.     

QSAT Blockchain Satellite Quantum Secure Connectivity 

QSAT Blockchain Satellite IoT and M2M Networks for quantum secure connectivity for reliable IoT and M2M communications, no matter how remote. QSAT global satellite IoT platform dedicated to M2M, enabling the quantum mesh network and AI cyber security.  


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